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Flowers In My Sunlit Garden (The Master Grainer Book 1)

Bereft and alone following his wife's early death in 1910, Bill Price, Master Grainer and family man, finds himself longing for the carefree days of his youth where he could make art for art's sake and make love without the sanctity of marriage vows. Set against the various backdrops of maritime Stepney, fin de siecle Poplar, the First World War and Brighton's fledgling film industry Bill gradually dispenses with the bourgeois respectability that has served him so ill and finds solace and love as he retreats ever deeper into a bohemian lifestyle.
This adaptation of a true life story, the first in a series, offers a fascinating insight into the prevailing social, sexual, cultural and political attitudes of the time and how they shaped the lives of a generation and wrought changes for the generations that followed. The family conflicts that arise in the aftermath of Bill's wanderings continue to reverberate to the present day.

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