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Full Tank & No Damage: Three on a Sicilian Odyssey

Marianne G. Petrino and her husband convinced her mother to travel with them to Sicily in 2010 in order to commemorate their 30th wedding anniversary. Besides visiting tourist sites on their itinerary, they wished to connect with the past and meet their relatives in the mountain town of Cerami. This was the birthplace of the author's maternal grandmother, who had departed Sicily forever in 1907 to join her family in the United States. The trio cruised the island in a gargantuan car that nobody with any common sense would normally drive on rural roads or narrow streets. And much like Odysseus, the travelers often got lost while attempting to decipher diminutive road signs and navigate diabolical traffic circles. But with a rosary in hand for protection against a vehicular demise or an unending detour, they fought adversity. Miracles of the Blessed Virgin Mary! Ancient Greek ruins! Pastry made by nuns! On every street and around every turn, Sicily offered wonder and gave them the adventure of a lifetime.

Important places

Catania (5)
Roman Catholic Diocese of Noto (1)
Agrigento (3)
Cerami (2)


Agrigento (4)
Catania (5)
Siracusa (12)
Enna (2)


Italy (5,202)