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In the Dolphin's Wake: Cocktails, Calamities and Caiques in the Greek Islands

An amusing and erudite account of Harry Bucknall's 183-day journey through the Greek islands from Venice, in the West, to Istanbul, in the East.

In the summer of 2006, Harry Bucknall travelled from Venice to Istanbul - a journey across the Aegean of more than 5,500 miles that included the glories of Mount Athos, 36 islands, and every island chain in the Greek Archipelago. It also involved 57 sea passages on 35 ferries, 4 landing craft, 3 hydrofoils, a fishing caique, a sea plane, 11 buses, 2 trains, an open-top Land Rover, and a duck-egg-blue 1961 Morris Oxford.

Recounted with humour, pathos, and at times drama, this is not only a journey through the Greek islands but also a journey through Greek history, mythology, custom, and folklore - a Greek island companion loaded with adventure, mishap, and laughter offering a contemporary image of Aegean life today.

Important places

Argos (43)
Athens (365)


Attiki (392)
Peloponnisos (141)
Ayion Oros (108)


Greece (1,635)