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Granada Seville Cordoba

The 5th edition of a highly-praised guidebook that captures the individual character of each of these remarkable Andalucían jewels.

Cadogan's expert authors explore Granada, Seville and Cordoba, the three great cities of al-Andalus. Discover the unique monuments, vibrant culture and secret gardens of delight bequeathed by the brilliant golden age of an extraordinary civilization. Gaze in wonder at Granada's Alhambra and the Mezquita in Cordoba; explore the whitewashed warrens and hidden patios at the heart of each city; and escape to wild sierras or Mediterranean beaches.

-Includes in-depth cultural and historical background
-Contains practical travel advice and easy-to-use maps
-Hand-picks the best places to stay and eat
-Recommends the top sights and best day-trips for each city

Important places

Seville (69)
Granada (31)


Córdoba (82)
Granada (41)
Sevilla (69)


Spain (1,881)