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The Harvest

The Harvest
by John David Krygelski
A thought-provoking Suspense-Thriller.

John David Krygelski’s suspenseful debut novel – The Harvest – is a stunning tour de force! Whether tackling the epic battle between good and evil, or answering the subtle and persistent questions which haunt us all, Krygelski writes a compelling and startling story centered around the mysterious arrival of a man who claims to be The Creator.
Clearly not a mortal, Elohim – as the stranger prefers to be known – astounds those he meets with inexplicable miracles and reality-altering answers. All of this is but a prelude to his announcement that he has come to do something…something which will affect every person on Earth…something which will occur in five days.
Against the backdrop of a world reacting to the announcement that God has arrived, a hastily assembled group of interviewers question and test Elohim…while hidden forces emerge to thwart his plans.
The Harvest is a gripping page-turner – a book which will change your view of the world.

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