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Light of the World: The Pope, The Church and the Signs Of The Times

Popes do not usually grant book-length interviews to journalists. And never before has a pope given as in-depth and extensive an interview as this one, answering so many direct questions on so many personal and controversial topics. Five years after his election, Pope Benedict XVI openly discusses the criticisms of his pontificate, the crisis in the Church brought on by the clergy sexual abuse scandal, the need for Church reform, the problems of uniting faith and reason today, as well as contemporary issues such as abortion, climate change, same-sex unions, the global economic crisis, and the new atheism. He also examines the quest for unity among Christians, the relations with Islam, the message of Fatima, and the prospects for peace. An unabashed follower of Jesus Christ, Benedict addresses the Church's drive for a new evangelization and the challenges it involves.
Twice before the authors held a wide- ranging conversation, which became the best-selhng books Salt of the Earth and God and the World. At that time, Seewald's discussion partner was Joseph Ratzinger, head of the Vatican's chief doctrinal office. Now, he is Pope Benedict XVI, leader of the Catholic Church and a man whom many regard as the moral compass for our age. Seewald's respect for Benedict is evident, but the journalist does not let that stop him from posing some of the thorniest, most challenging questions any pope has had to answer. As believers and unbelievers alike read this book, many will be challenged to reconsider what they think they know about Pope Benedict XVI and the future of the Catholic Church.


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