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Love on the Dole

In Hanky Park, near Salford, Harry and Sally Hardcastle grow up in a society preoccupied with grinding poverty, exploited by bookies and pawnbrokers, bullied by petty officials and living in constant fear of the dole queue and the Means Test. His love affair with a local girl ends in a shotgun marriage, and, disowned by his family, Harry is tempted by crime. Sally, meanwhile, falls in love with Larry Meath, a self-educated Marxist. But Larry is a sick man and there are other more powerful rivals for her affection.

Important places

Scalford (1)


Leicestershire (22)
Manchester (204)


United Kingdom (21,421)

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East Midlands (446)
North West (956)
West Midlands (2,407)
Midlands (2,795)
North of England (7,026)