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My Rocky Romance Diary

Continuing on from My Dating Disasters Diary, the adventures of the one and only mishap-magnet that is Kelly Ann
Kelly Ann is completely in love with her gorgeous soulmate, Chris, so there's no way she's going to let her attraction for the dark and dangerous new boy at school go any further. Okay, so he rides a cool Harley, plays in a cool band, and has dedicated a song to her. But she's not going to let that rock her relationship with Chris, is she? Besides, Kelly Ann has other things to worry about. Like being dragged through the mud by a rogue Great Dane, locked out of the house by an eight-year-old she's supposed to be babysitting, and that YouTube video that shows her grappling with a half-naked guy in Pizza Express—200,000 hits and counting in just 12 hours.


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