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I Kissed a Boy

[Menage and More: Erotic Menage a Quatre Romance, M/M/M/F with M/M, sex toys, HEA] Paul Harrison is going home to Tennessee and claiming the man he's always loved. If everything goes according to plan, he'll zip right into town and convince Adam Taylor he's the man of his dreams. They'll fly back to LA, and that will be that. Well, almost. Adam has waited a long time to fall in love. A sensitive guy, Adam hasn't been in many relationships. He acknowledges deep feelings for Paul, but he's never shown him what's in his heart. After their reunion, Adam discovers Paul is a man with many secrets. A stud-for-hire, Paul drags in some pretty serious cash, and he's uninterested in a career change. Adam gives their relationship a chance, but soon realizes what he must do in order to gain Paul's complete attention. When an odd couple enters their lives, Adam serves Paul a stout dose of his own medicine, but after an intimate evening with Mitch and Suzanne, Adam soon realizes Paul’s hand has always been holding the spoon. Note: This book was previously published with another publisher. ** A Siren Erotic Romance

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