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Page One: Whiteout (Robin Hamilton Mystery Series)

Growing up on the northern shore of Lake Michigan in the town of Escanaba, Michigan, Robin Hamilton couldn’t wait to get away from the isolation and cold, snowy weather to the bright lights of Chicago and a job with the Tribune. After her fiancé Mitch, a suburban Chicago cop, is gunned down while on duty, Robin escapes back to the peace and quiet of her Upper Peninsula hometown, but finds that neither distance nor a job with the local paper can erase the memories, nightmares and questions of who killed Mitch.

Nine months after Mitch’s death, Nick Granati, a Chicago cop and close friend of Mitch’s, has information that the murderer was a hired gun, but who hired him? A Russian immigrant who made his fortune smuggling weapons to Third World countries? A Vietnamese American who deals in heroin and cocaine? A rich bank VP that Mitch busted for possession and soliciting? Or someone else entirely? Nick, Robin, and Nick’s cousin Tony embark on a dangerous journey taking them from Chicago to the warm waters of Miami and back to the UP where the truth is found in the midst of an Upper Peninsula winter whiteout.

Nancy Barr is an award winning journalist and former news editor for the Houghton Daily Mining Gazette in Houghton, Michigan. Page One: Whiteout is Barr’s third mystery novel in the Robin Hamilton series, which includes Page One: Hit and Run and Page One: Vanished.

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Superior Upland (76)
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Upper Midwest (2,971)