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To Hellholes and Back: Bribes, Lies, and the Art of Extreme Tourism

The guru of extreme tourism sets out to face his worst fears in Africa, India, Mexico City, and—most terrifying of all—at Disney World

In the widely-acclaimed Smile When You're Lying, Chuck Thompson laid bare the travel industry's dirtiest secrets. Now he's out to discover if some of the world's most ill-reputed destinations live up to their bad raps, while confronting a few of his own travel anxieties in the process. Whether he's traveling across the Congo with a former bodyguard from notorious dictator Joseph Mobutu's retinue or diving into the heart of India's monsoon season, To Hellholes and Back delivers Thompson's trademark combination of hilarious stories and wildly provocative opinions, as well as some surprising observations about America's evolving place in the world.

Important places

Walt Disney World Resort (70)
Mexico City (161)


Orange (165)


Distrito Federal (168)
Florida (2,551)


Mexico (1,563)
India (1,945)
Republic of Congo (89)
United States (64,950)