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The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2003

While Walt Disney World stands for fun, fun, fun, it comes at a hefty cost--long waits, huge crowds and high prices. As Bob Sehlinger writes in his Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World "when it comes to Walt Disney World you either need a plan or a frontal lobotomy". As the huge complex of theme parks has grown to roughly the size of Boston, so has Sehlinger's guide, from less than 200 pages to over 700. While that may seem formidable, every one is chock full of invaluable information for making the most of your time and money, with the least amount of hassle. Sehlinger is an excellent guide--witty and readable and he and his research crew have done a commendable job figuring out the most efficient and economical ways to spend your time. They even researched traffic patterns at each of the parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney-MGM Studios and the Animal Kingdom) and devised touring plans tailored to a wide range of needs--visitors with or without kids, seniors, disabled guests and even expectant mothers (who cannot, unfortunately, go to the Mad Tea Party). Visitors who use these touring plans typically spend over three hours less in line than those who wing it (how can you not love this book?). You're not, of course, restricted to the tours. Each attraction is given a lengthy description and evaluation, including ratings for age groups, probable waiting time and when to go. As if all that hand holding isn't enough, there are just as thorough reviews of each of the hotels and eateries both inside and outside the park. Finally, Sehlinger has the sort of tips you aren't going to get from Disney but really need, such as how to get in before the official opening time; how to cut down time spent in lines; deciding when to go, right down to the day of the week; coping with children's needs, from bathrooms to blisters to fear; and how to navigate Disney's transport system. With the average cost of a day at Disney for a family of four coming in at 391 US dollars, the price of this guide is a small outlay to ensure that your time at Disney World is truly magical. --Lesley Reed

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Walt Disney World Resort (70)


Orange (165)


Florida (2,551)


United States (64,950)