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Island of Dreams

Meara O’Hara is taking her last trip to golden Jekyll Island as part nanny, part tutor to the children of a family she adored. On her return she would begin a much coveted job as a writer on a news magazine. She certainly didn’t expect to meet a mysterious, wounded soldier who would throw her life into chaos, shattering her in every way possible. Nor did she expect that act of deception and betrayal to haunt her life twenty years later, this time endangering the person she loved most.

As war approached America, Michael Fielding was forced to take on a mission abhorrent to him. To fail meant the lives of his mother and little brother. To succeed meant destroying the only woman he had ever loved or, he knew, would ever love. Torn between love and duty, he committed the ultimate betrayal, and when, years later, he learned she and her daughter -- his daughter -- were in danger, he knew he was the only man who could help
her . . .if she could ever trust him again.

Quote from Romantic Times: “The emotional intensity of this superbly developed novel is extraordinary. From the very first page, the reader is enthralled by Ms. Potter’s vivid and complex characters, identifying and agonizing with them over the choices they must make and the consequences they must endure. Ms. Potter has penned a most memorable book, one that satisfies on many levels and surely deserves a permanent spot on the bookshelves.”

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