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The Prophecy's Child: The Unseen

While working for a construction company in Israel, Gary and Beth Carter discover an ancient temple. Wide eyed and unaware, their team enters and unknowingly unleashes the unfinished business of a disturbing pagan ritual. Seven years later, Gary and Beth are struggling to raise their special needs daughter, Allyson. Allyson cannot relate to others; her only way of communicating is through strange drawings and seemingly unrelated words. Desperately wanting to help their child, they call on family friend Bill Monroe, a Theology professor, to help piece together the dark secrets from the recesses of Allyson's mind. Upon discovering the underlying reason for Allyson's problems, Gary and Beth are pulled into a nightmare, bringing them to the realization that if we could see the invisible demons that haunt us every day, it would drive us mad.

Important places

Haifa (16)


Haifa (19)


Israel (802)

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Levant Coast (27)
Western Asia (1,597)