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The Sting of Justice

The autumn has come to the Burren - a time of harvest, of gathering for the winter to come, the end of summer for most and the end of life for others.

When Mara attends the funeral of a local priest of the Burren, the last things she expects is the corpse of

a man stung to death by bees, found on the church steps. Sorley the silversmith was a greedy and distrusted man. There would be no shortage of people who wanted him dead but who really stood to profit from his murder?

As Mara investigates she must use all her cunning and prowess as a lady judge to bring the sting of justice to a killer with hatred in their hearts and murder on their mind.

Important places

Burren (9)


Clare (29)


Ireland (2,156)

Other geographical areas

Munster (211)