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Antony Gormley: Inside Australia

HardCover. Pub Date: October 2005 Pages: 176 in Publisher: Thames & Hudson The story of the creation of sculptor Antony Gormley's Insiders in remote by Western Australia.Early one a morning in December 2002. under the searing heat of the sun. internationally renowned itish sculptor Antony Gormley stepped onto the surface of a vast. million-year-old salt lake in one of the remotest parts of Australia. He was there to install a remarkable work that would stretch over ten square kilometers and consist of more than fifty sculptures . It was the final act in an exhausting six-month process that had seen him take nude body scans of the residents of a nearby town and produce bizarre. alien-like statues of the inside of each person. which he was now to place across the salt-encrusted expanse of Lake Ballard. Western Australia.Recently completed and drawing thousands of visitors from...

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