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Spanish Serenade

A National Bestseller
Doubleday Book Club Selection

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"Oh, yes," Refugio Carranza y Leon said softly as he watched her there in the moonlit stillness. "I'll take you."

Pilar will pay any price to be abducted on the journey that is to deliver her to a convent. She is determined to defy Don Esteban, her vicious stepfather who murdered her mother and expects to shut Pilar away while he takes up an office in the Spanish Louisiana. The man she chooses for this desperate rescue is El Leon, the lion, a former nobleman turned brigand in the hills of Spain.

Refugio needs the nun's dowry of gold Pilar promises, but more tempting is the chance for vengeance against Don Esteban who destroyed his family honor. He agrees to her plan--but nothing goes as it should. The gold disappears and Pilar is left to his uncertain mercy.

As Pilar and Refugio embark for the New World on the trail of Don Esteban, passion flares between them. But will the fire of revenge bind them together or destroy them?

Important places

Seville (69)


Sevilla (69)
Louisiana (1,489)


Spain (1,881)
United States (64,950)

Other geographical areas

Europe (50,240)
Americas (79,726)
Southern Europe (7,119)
Coastal Plain (USA) (740)
Iberian Peninsula (883)
North America (66,455)