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Cross-Winds: A Seventh Cross Novel

This epic adventure, brimming with realistic-seeming characterizations, details an unprecedented war of magic. The core story involves the ties of family, village, alliances, the drive to power, warring factions, ruthlessness and despair, wizards and witches, mystical powers, and the battle against long odds to rout the darkness that is blotting out the light. Stories of the forces of the Emperor Hammer, who comes to control six kingdoms, entwine with the multi-generational exploits of the Cross-Wind family members and their associates. Cross-Winds puts a human face on the many individuals, from both sides, who are forever changed by the carnage, death, and injuries to their souls and spirits. It instills the classic fantasy themes of adventure, loss and triumph. Just who triumphs in the end remains to be seen.


Papua New Guinea (129)