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Prisoner of Desire

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Anya abducts the most lethal swordsman in New Orleans to prevent a death -- but how will he retaliate...?

Her sister's fiancé will surely be killed if his duel with the handsome Creole, Ravel Duralde, takes place. Anya's swift action stops the meeting, but more is at stake than she realizes.

Ravel's fury turns to intrigue as he comes to know his valiant and lovely captor. What ruse, what enticement of honeyed caresses can he use to gain his release -- or make the lady his prisoner?

Desire builds inside the tiny cell where Anya comes to him each evening -- a slow, unrelenting pressure that may break the bonds of a lifetime. But Mardi Gras madness and mayhem is upon them, and someone intends to see that Anya and Ravel never leave their prison alive.

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