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An Angry Drum Echoed: Mary Musgrove, Queen of the Creeks

An Historical Novel

As Pocahontas was to Jamestown and Sacajawea was to the Lewis and Clark expedition, so was Mary Musgrove to the burgeoning Georgia colony.

Born “Coosaponakeesa” to a Creek mother and an English father, she skillfully straddled two worlds: her Indian heritage and the English way of life. Through her influence with the Indian tribes, Mary encouraged the chiefs to meet with General Oglethorpe in Savannah, leading to the peaceful establishment of an English colony in Indian territory.

Although she won the esteem of the English settlers, she eventually became a thorn in the side of the newly formed colonial government. After ten years without pay for her diplomatic and interpretive services, she led her Creek tribesmen in a relentless march through the streets of Savannah to demand justice.

The compelling story of this brave, resourceful and tireless Queen of the Creeks will inspire and intrigue you. Mary Musgrove triumphed over savage discrimination, unimaginable personal adversity and an unrequited love for the founder of Georgia. As General Oglethorpe’s interpreter and emissary to the Indians, she smoothed the path to cooperation between the Creeks and the colonists, perhaps single-handedly insuring the survival of the colony of Georgia.

Arguably the most important woman in the history of Georgia, Mary Musgrove guided the Creek nation through the treacherous waters of international intrigue during the dramatic conquest of a hemisphere.

Join master storyteller Pamela Bauer Mueller as she recounts an unforgettable period in Georgia colonial history through the eyes of one of its key players.

Awards and Honors for "An Angry Drum Echoed"

2009 Mom's Choice Gold Recipient in the Young Adult Historical Fiction category.

2008 Georgia Author of the Year Award in the Young Adult Category.

Honorable Mention in the 2008 Writers’ Digest 16th Annual International Independent Book Awards

2008 Silver Medal Winner! Independent Publisher Book Awards South East Regional Fiction category.

2008 ForeWord Magazine's "Book of the Year Award" Historical Fiction Finalist.

2008 Southern Independent Book Sellers Alliance (SIBA) Book Award nominee.

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