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The Whale: In Search of the Giants of the Sea

Pub Date: 2011-02-08 Pages: 480 Language: English Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Unpredictable and amusing and informative and original. cavorting between biology. history. travel writing. and memoir. -Mark Kurlansky The Whale by Philip Hoare is a enthralling and eye-opening literary leviathan swimming in similar bestselling waters as Cod and The Secret Life of Lobsters. Winner of the BBC Samuel Johnson Prize for Nonfiction. The Whale is a lively travelogue through the history. literature. and lore of the king of the sea-the remarkable mammals that we human beings have long been fascinated with. from Moby Dick to Free Willy. Bestselling author and naturalist Bernd Heinrich calls it. a moving and extraordinary book. and Hoare's sparkling account of swimming with these incredible behemoths will delight whale and wildlife aficionados. lovers of the sea and sea stories. as ...

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