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The Specialist

The Specialist is a serial killer with very specific and unique tastes. He especially likes the flavor of innocent female bicycle tourists.
Kirsten is a jewellery designer whose hobby is caving, and she carries a lot of emotional baggage, above-ground or in the bowels of the earth.
Her sister Emma goes missing en route to visit Kirsten, then her sister's Kirsten-designed ring mysteriously turns up in a newly discovered cave on Vancouver Island. This cannot be and should not be, but Kirsten knows it to be true because she found the ring herself!
Now she has to solve the riddle of an apparent impossibility, with the help of a few old friends and one deliciously tempting new one.
Kirsten wants answers.
The specialist wants her to join him for dinner.

Important places

Vancouver (294)


British Columbia (903)


Canada (8,082)
Australia (6,814)

Other geographical areas

Coast Mountains (North America) (30)
Western Plateau (Australia) (252)
Australia And New Zealand (4,260)
Oceania (8,401)