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The Perfect Husband

The first book in the FBI Profiler series from The Sunday Times and New York Times bestseller Lisa Gardner. HOW DO YOU MAKE A NEW START? When Tess Beckett married Jim, a well-respected and decorated cop, she thought all her dreams had come true. But within two years the vows she made were shattered as her husband was charged with murdering ten women. With Jim behind bars, Tess feels certain that she can move on with her life. Until she learns that Jim has escaped from prison. As a frantic and rigorous manhunt gets underway in four states, Tess knows that it's only a matter of time until her perfect husband tracks her down for the revenge he is sure to demand. And when he finds her, she must be ready. Because this time she's determined that their separation will be 'till death do us part'. ...WHEN SOMEONE WON'T LET YOU GO?

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