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Her Convenient Millionaire

Micah Scott was working at his bar one night when he noticed lone Sherry Nyland had been nursing the same glass of wine for hours. At closing time, Micah had to ask Sherry to leave, so she headed out on her own. Later, Micah sees Sherry walking down the deserted street by herself, and he finds out that she no longer has a place to live. He invites her to stay with him and his mother, that way Sherry has a place to stay and can look after his aging mother, as well. Sherry soon receives a call from her father demanding she return home. Sherry doesn’t want to marry the creepy man her father’s chosen for her, so she and Micah get hitched for her protection. Micah’s protective impulses have Sherry falling for him, but her father may still get in the way of their budding love.

Important places

Palm Beach (80)


Florida (2,551)


United States (64,950)