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Lost Land of the Dodo: The Ecological History of Mauritius, Reunion, and Rodrigues

Lost Land of the Dodo Uninhabited by humans, the Mascarene Islands of the Indian Ocean were once home to an extraordinary range of birds and reptiles: giant tortoises, parrots, skinks, geckos, burrowing boas, flightless rails and herons, and, most famously, dodos. But the discovery of the three isolated islands in the 1500s, and their colonization in the 1600s, led to dramatic ecological changes. The dodo became extinc... Full description


Rodrigues (5)


France (7,260)
Mauritius (137)

Other geographical areas

Mascarene Islands (34)
Indian Ocean (132)
Eastern Africa (1,319)
Small Island States (3,004)
Africa (5,755)