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Friendly Fire: A Duet

Paperback. Pub Date: 2009 Pages: 396 Publisher: Mariner Books A couple long married. are spending an unaccustomed week Apart Ya'ari an engineer is busy juggling the day-to-day Needs of his elderly father . his children. and his grandchildren. His wife. Daniela. flies from Tel Aviv to East Africa to mourn the death of her older sister. There she confronts her anguished other-in-law. Yirmiyahu. whose soldier son was killed six years earlier in the West Bank by friendly fire. Yirmiyahu is now managing a team of African researchers digging for the bones of man's primate ancestors as he desperately strives to detach himself from every shred of his identity. Jewish and Israeli. Withgreat artistry. AB Yehoshua has once again written a rich. compassionate. rewarding novel in which sharply rendered details of modern Israeli life and age-old mysteries of human existence echo one anoth...


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