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Siren of the Waters (Commander Jana Matinova Investigation)

Jana entered the Czechoslovak police force as young woman, married an actor, and became a mother. The Communist regime destroyed her husband, their love for one another, and her daughter’s respect for her. But she has never stopped being a seeker of justice.

Now, she has risen to the rank of commander in the Slovak police force and is based in the capital, Bratislava, a crossroads of central Europe. She liaises with colleagues across the continent to track a master criminal whose crimes include extortion, murder, kidnapping, and the operation of a vast human trafficking network.

This investigation takes her from Kiev in Ukraine to the headquarters of the European Community in Strasbourg, France; from Vienna to Nice during the Carnival, as she searches for a ruthless killer and the beautiful young Russian woman he is determined to either capture or destroy.

From the Trade Paperback edition.

Important places

Bratislava (15)
Kyiv (130)
Nice (54)
Strasbourg (36)


Alpes-Maritimes (135)
Bratislavský (16)
Kiev City (130)
Bas-Rhin (53)


France (7,260)
Ukraine (403)
Slovakia (53)

Other geographical areas

Grand Est (261)
Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (466)
Eastern Europe (2,710)