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Yucatan is a science fiction theological contemplation of sin and consequence, a primordial eco-epic that mixes Genesis 1:1-3 with elements inspired by The Wizard of Oz.
An idealistic ecologist is thrown 65 million years into the past on a mission to save the Earth from a cosmic collision. With the best intentions however he ends up inadvertently destroying two, maybe three worlds. It will appeal to anyone interested in paleontology, the time travel dilemma, or camping in the tropics.
“Traveler” must also battle a horde of iconic evil creatures, in an epic struggle, providing pages and pages of suspense and fiery combat.
Written with the most up-to-date Dinosaur news in 2011, this fun novella is educational and enlightening. Hypsolophodonts, Sinothisosaurs, and a colorful Leallynasaur who shows up in the cold North Sea coast, are just some of the discoveries that will delight dinosaur fans.
Yucatan is certainly a book for young teenage boys, but it works for all ages, filled with clever allusions, and teaching a clear lesson.

Important places

Mexico (41)


Yucatán (110)


Mexico (1,563)

Other geographical areas

Peninsula De Yucatán (135)
Central America (806)