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The Mezzo Wore Mink

(No. 6 in the Liturgical Mystery series) Detective Hayden Konig is living the dream. He’s rich, he loves his work, and his girlfriend is prettier than a Holiday Gift Basket full of smoked oysters. Still, Hayden’s not a man to rest on his laurels. His mission is clear—he will be a writer. Not just a writer, but a hard-boiled, noir detective wordsmith worthy of Raymond Chandler’s typewriter. He has to. He owns it.

Autumn in St. Germaine, North Carolina, is an enchanting time of year. But throw in two murders, an election, a Christian nudist camp, and St. Barnabas’ answer to the local Baptist church’s annual Singing Christmas Tree — the first-ever performance of The Living Gobbler — and things are bound to become complicated.

Hayden Konig’s 6th mystery--The Mezzo Wore Mink
It’s not what you expect...
it’s even funnier!


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