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Joan Miro: Snail Woman Flower Star

ENGLISH , 239pp , ABOUT THE AUTHOR :: STEPHAN VON WIESE is curator of modern art at the Museum Kunst Palast in Dusseldorf , Germany . SYLVIA MARTIN is an art historian who lives in Munich , Germany ... ABOUT THE BOOK :: Tracking Miró 's career , this book begins in the 1920s with the introduction of the artist with Surrealism , Cubism , Dadaism and , and the flowering of his friendship with Picasso , Braque and other influential artists and poets. It goes to the creation of an iconographic painting style , which reached its maturity in the 1940s and always distinguished look of his contemporaries. Nearly a hundred of his greatest works reproduced in this book present the artistic range of this lyrical painter, whose brilliant use of color, line and shape as a result disturbing compositions. Fascinating photographs show the artist at various stages of his life and insightful essays about his work complete this exciting prospect of the world as portrayed in the art of Miró .Andre Breton, Surrealism 's leading literary force , Miró accused of giving " themselves himself entirely to painting , "not ( to the disbelief of the French writer ) theory. In connection with the exhibition of whimsical , animated collages , drawings and paintings of the Catalan painter , von Wiese and Martin editors have compiled a catalog that quite easily burdened by Breton. Considered long a surrealist director Miro undoubtedly focused on the playful, erotic and unconscious casualty - so their recognizable amoebas, gangly -limbed testify . As an essay entitled "Strategies notes Miró " the artist Barcelona - is no stranger to ideology, having sailed strains of Futurism , Dadaism and Catalan nationalism - managed to remain a reluctant extravagant ascetic in Paris in the early 1920 . Photos clean , direct Joaquim Gomis show a man with neatly cuffed trousers and a handsome tie working in a foundry dust . But it is sumptuous volume reproductions best conducted the prosecution Breton artist just wa

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