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The Private Papers of Eastern Jewel

Paperback. Pub Date :2009-1-1 Pages:. 288 Peking. 1914 Eight-year-old Eastern Jewel peers from behind a screen as her father. Prince Su. makes love to a servantgirl Caught spying by her thirteenth sister. Eastern. Jewelssexual curiosity sees her banished to live with distant relativesin Tokyo. then forced into a passionless marriage in freezingMongolia Increasingly isolated. at night she is plagued bydisturbing fantasies and unsettling dreams But she refuses to bepinned down by anyone -.. least of all a man - and in the dazzlingcity of Shanghai she puts her thrill-seeking nature to work spyingfor the Japanese. spurmng everything she once held dear ... Based on the real-life story of Yoshiko Kawashima. Chineseprincess turned ruthless Japanese spy. The Private Papers ofEastern Jewel is an intoxicating tale of sexual manipulationandself-discovery that spans three countries and ...

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