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The Anthropological Romance of Bali 1597-1972: Dynamic Perspectives in Marriage and Caste, Politics and Religion (Cambridge Studies in Cultural Systems)

Paperback. Pub Date: 1977 Pages: 352 Publisher: Camidge. University Press For centuries Bali has generated plane suddenly went - and often Conflicting - images in The Minds of ethnographers and Travellers alike. Professor Boon places our current understanding of Bali within the context of historical views of Balinese life and religion. beginning with the initial Dutch contacts after 1597. He approaches Balinese culture as a 'social romance' of flexible values ??and actions keyed to native ideals of an enduring hierarchy. In this way. he explains the changing perspectives of Bali throughout the colonial era; the relationship between marriage and caste; the enthusiasm of various outsiders for Balinese arts and lifestyle; and recent political developments. including communist factions and parties modelled on the idea of ??an ancestral caste. Based on field work in Indonesia as ...


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