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The Painted House

Location scout Gabriel Nash finds himself looking for a beach house in Nova Scotia, hoping to find something perfect for the new movie he's working on. When he sees Marc's house, he knows it's just right, but painter and loner Marc doesn't want to deal with all the people a movie shoot would bring into his home.

Marc wouldn't mind having Gabriel around, though. In fact, he finds Gabriel inspiring, making him the subject of his paintings while Gabriel works to find another house. The two of them get to know each other well, much to Marc's agent's dismay. She thinks Gabriel is just using mark, but changes her tune when Gabriel offers to take Marc to LA with him.

The problem is that Marc hates LA and everything it stands for. He hates the crowds of people and the spotlight of gallery showings. He can't be a part of Gabriel's world, and he needs to go back to his house, where he can see the sea and find peace.

Can Gabriel give up on his dream to move Marc to California and find a way for them to be together in Marc's perfect house on the beach?


Nova Scotia (716)


Canada (8,082)