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The Hangman's Crusade

In ten years, SS General Reinhard Heydrich has risen from an unpaid clerk in the newly formed Nazi party to become the Reichsprotektor of Czechoslovakia.

He has the absolute power of life and death over twelve million people.

They called him ‘the Hangman’.

Little does he realise that his fate is tied to that of an American reporter, Jim Franklyn, who has newly arrived in Munich.

Manipulated by his friend Greg Sefton, Franklyn finds himself working for the embryonic Office of Strategic Services as the US teeters on the edge of war.

Amongst his contacts is the man he became acquainted with on the voyage across the Atlantic: a Gestapo officer, Klaus von Hardenburg, and Heydrich’s deputy.

Soon he finds himself embroiled in a plot orchestrated by a group of anti-Nazi officers, but the desires of London and those in the field quickly begin to conflict.

Still worse, Heydrich’s astute mind and grasp of events is threatening to unbalance everything.

In the shadowy world of wartime espionage, lies are the currency as the heroes and villains become all mixed up.

The noose is fast beginning to tighten around all of their necks.

The Hangman’s Crusade has begun…

Praise for James Barwick:

‘Exciting… first-rate thriller skilfully combing fact and fiction.’ Publishers Weekly

James Barwick was a pen name of Donald James (1931 – 2008), journalist and bestselling writer of novels, historical non-fiction and television scripts, and writing partner Craig Barwick.

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