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Just For Her

The secrets they keep are priceless.
Under cover of darkness, they will steal something more precious. . .

Beneath the sparkling façade of wealth and elegance, Jules Habsburg is living a nightmare--blackmailed into marriage by the unscrupulous robber baron Dominic DeRohan, the same man who gunned down her lover. Until the night she awakens to find a stranger in her bedroom--the notorious cat burglar known to Cote d'Azur as the Panther. Her blood pounding, she recognizes in him the one man strong enough to free her from the sadistic shackles of her husband. . .

But the Panther is not one to be manipulated, even by a woman whose provocative beauty is matched only by her determination. Now, in the hedonistic playground of artists, actors, and aristocrats, Jules is losing her closely guarded heart to a man without identity. As forbidden passion deepens to love, is there even more danger for her in an alliance with a seductive man whose secrets could destroy them both?

Important places

Ferrat (3)
French Riviera (16)


Alpes-Maritimes (135)
Isère (29)


France (7,260)

Other geographical areas

Riviera (25)
Western Mediterranean Sea (134)
Mediterranean Sea (173)
Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (198)
Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (466)
Alps (839)