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Enjoy the dreams, explore the emotions, experience the relationships.

Stranded with a sexy soldier…

A mountain blizzard, an enigmatic war veteran and an isolated cabin – not what Fiona MacPherson expected when she set out on a trip into the mountains with her students! Taking shelter from the storm at John Fallon’s lodge, Fiona is drawn to the quietly commanding battle-scarred warrior. When her arrival shatters John’s solitude, his world shifts on its axis.

As the storm rages outside, John’s feelings for the sweet teacher get stronger. The ex-soldier faces his hardest fight – finding the courage to reach out to the remarkable woman who has transformed his life!

Important places

Cascade Mountains (2)


Pierce (56)


Washington (1,134)
Oregon (944)


United States (64,950)

Other geographical areas

Columbia Plateau (47)
Cascade Range (70)