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Brooklyn Was Mine

Paperback. Pub Date :2008-1-1 Pages: 232 Publisher: Penguin Of all the urban landscapes in America. perhaps none has sothoroughly infused and nurtured modern literature as Brooklyn.Though its literary history runs deep-Walt Whitman. Truman Capote. and Norman Mailer are just a few of its storied inhabitants-inrecent years the borough has seen a growing concentration ofbestselling novelists. memoirists. poets. and journalists It hasbecome what Greenwich Village once was for an earlier generation:. awellspring of inspiration and artistic expression Brooklyn. Was Mine gives some of todays best writers anopportunity to pay tribute to the borough they love in 20 originalessays that draw on past and present to create a mosaic thatbrilliantly captures the quality and diversity of a unique. literary landscape Contents:. INTRODUCTION Phillip LopateI HATE BRIGHTON BEACH Lara VapnyarREA...

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