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Sophie's Treason

Commended for the 2007 Canadian Children’s Book Centre Our Choice Selection

It is 1838, and in the wake of the rebellion in Lower Canada, Sophies and Luc’s worlds are falling apart. Luc is powerless as his only brother stands trial for treason, while Sophie searches for clues to her fathers mysterious disappearance. Meanwhile, her scheming brothers threaten to rip away Sophie’s inheritance. Lucs brother is sentenced to die by hanging, and then, when it seems nothing more can go wrong, Sophie thinks Lady Theodosia Thornleigh, who has always been her strongest support and hope for the future, may secretly be planning to leave her young charge.

Without family to protect them, Sophie and Luc can trust no one but each other but can their desperate bid for independence withstand attacks from the justice system and the adults around them? At the darkest hour of their lives Sophie and Luc must use intelligence, ingenuity, and courage in the struggle to secure a bright future for themselves and those they love.

Important places

Montreal (300)


Québec (555)


Canada (8,082)

Other geographical areas

Canadian Shield (805)