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Bewitching Kisses

Betrayed by a greedy half-brother who coveted her inheritance, then accused by her superstitious Salem neighbors of practicing witchcraft, Sarah Townsend found herself kidnapped, sold into bondage, and thrown into the hold of a ship bound for Williamsburg Virginia. A Puritan who believes to show one's bare arm is a sin, now finds herself in Williamsburg where the residents strive to follow the latest fashions in London.

A poignant, heartwarming story of a love that transcends religious, political, and cultural differences. This is an author to watch...
Romantic Times Magazine

Rainy weaves an endearing tale of romance that will bring tears to your eyes and laughter that will capture your heart, Make room on your shelf - this one is a keeper
Judy Spagnola
Book Trends

Bewitchingly funny, tender and emotional... another winner from Kirkland's lyrical pen.
Elaine Barbieri

A national award winning author - Rainy Kirkland has written several historical romances. A graduate from Maryland University, she spent time in the Peace Corp, then taught elementary school in New Jersey. Now living in Florida Ms. Kirkland has returned to her writing career. Look for the continuation of Bewitching Kisses in the second book of the series - Silver Flame coming soon.

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