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The First Commandment

Somewhere, somehow Scot Harvath has left the wrong person alive ...
In the dead of night, five of the most dangerous detainees in the war on terror are pulled from their isolation cells in Guantanamo Bay, stripped of their orange jumpsuits, given civilian clothes and driven to the base airfield where they are loaded aboard a Boeing 727 and set free.
Six months later, covert counterterrorism agent Scot Harvath awakes to discover that his world has changed violently and forever. A sadistic assassin is unleashing nightmarish horrors on those closest to Harvath in pursuit of a bloodthirsty personal vendetta. Ordered by the president to stay out of the investigation, Harvath is forced to mount his own operation to uncover the assassin's identity. When he discovers a connection between the attacks and a group of prisoners secretly released from Guantanamo, Harvah must ask himself previously unthinkable questions about the organization and the nation he has spent his life serving.

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Querétaro (2)
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Mexico (1,563)
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