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When Miles tells his fiance, Monique, that they must keep their engagement a secret if she comes with him to live on Grand Cayman Island, she has misgivings. Once they reach the island, she realizes all her fears were right--and Miles breaks her heart.

But then she meets Dirk Anderson, Miles' new employer. Handsome and domineering, Dirk couldn't be more different from Miles, and Monique finds herself strangely drawn to him. But he may be involved with another woman--the same one who came between her and Miles. Can she trust his love--or will her heart be broken once more?

About the Author

Anne Hampson is a veteran romance writer with over 125 titles under her belt. Born in England, she always dreamed of teaching and writing; however, after World War I, poverty forced her to leave school at age 14 to sew blouses for Marks & Spencer's. Later in life, she attended school at Manchester University.

Anne Hampson has a long line of number-one sellers for Mills & Boon, Silhouette, and Harlequin, including the Harlequin Presents line of titles. Many of her books have been reprinted, some as many as 16 times, and some have been classified as rare collector's items. Combining contemporary romance with timeless appeal, her work has delighted generations of fans.


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