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Santa Calls

Christmas books abound, but very rarely does something really special come along. Santa Calls is very special indeed and combines a quirky modernity with a classic Chrismas feel that will entertain and enchant children and adults.

Art Atchinson Aimesworth of Texas, orphaned at an early age by a gang of desperadoes, has spent much of his life inventing things, looking for adventure and smashing crime. An exemplary young man and all-round whizz-kid, his only real weakness is sweets. Oh, and he can be quite mean to his little sister Esther. But during Christmas of 1908 Art has an extraordinary adventure, that changes him forever.

Stunning illustration and sharp, witty wordsmithery combine to make the story of Art and his brush with Santa truly extraordinary and as Art embarks on his greatest adventure ever, the reader is left in little doubt that when Santa Calls he has very good reasons to do so.

Simply superb: Santa Calls is not just for Christmas... --Susan Harrison

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