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The Electric Sewer

Trebor Nehoc has worked all over the New York City subway. And not just as a cop, but also as a sergeant and lieutenant. He has been assigned to everything from late night solo train patrol to an academy instructor and finally as an anti-crime supervisor. As they say here in New York , he has been around the block, twice.
 Trebor has taken his years on the job and transcribed them into some very funny, very touching stories. With great wit, sharp details and some brisk writing, his War Stories describe what life was like down there in the Electric Sewer.


“Electric Sewer? Love the title, and I think it nicely describes the setting for the escapades of those members of the subway subculture, the NYC transit cops of yesterday and today who patrol – and keep safe – the nation’s largest urban transit system. It’s all in this book, stories you’ll love and remember from a writer who knows all the players...

Dan Mahoney, author of Justice

“If you thought the streets of New York were crazy, wait until you go down below. This is a hilarious collection of subway stories that only a cop could tell – the weirdest, wackiest cast of characters you’ll ever read about. My congratulations to Trebor Nehoc...

Ed Dee, author of The Con Man’s Daughter

“Recounting his tour through the sub-hell of NYC, former transit cop Nehoc combines an unflinching eye, candor and a ruthless, wicked wit. His freeze-frames of the shadows that moved along his beat are a mesmerizing account of the scenes reflected in his silver shield...

Gina Gallo, author of Armed and Dangerous – Memoirs of a Chicago Policewoman

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