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Child's Play

The government's Witness Protection Program has been compromised - cooperative criminals who thought a new name would keep them safe are suddenly turning up dead. As this continues it threatens the future of hundreds of cases when others panic about pulling out, fearing for their safety. And those killing them are merely children.

Who is training them? And why can't Remo use his Sinanju skills against them?

Remo Williams is The Destroyer, an ex-cop who should be dead, but instead fights for the secret government law-enforcement organisation CURE. Trained in the esoteric martial art of Sinanju by his aged mentor, Chiun, Remo is America's last line of defence.

Breathlessly action-packed and boasting a winning combination of thrills, humour and mysticism, the Destroyer is one of the bestselling series of all time.

Important places

Fort Bragg (17)


Cumberland (25)


North Carolina (1,570)


United States (64,950)

Other geographical areas

Piedmont (USA) (1,063)
Carolinas (2,142)