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Flirting with Disaster

“I’ve learned a lot about security guards while working here. I’ve learned that some are incredibly dedicated to their jobs; I’ve learned that some just enjoy the sense of power that comes with wearing an orange vest and walkie-talkie. And I’ve learned that some have the most incredible blue eyes, eyes that can pull you in and almost make you forget who you are for a moment. And in that moment, you can totally destroy everything you’ve built up in your life.”

It’s springtime in the city and the first festival of the summer is taking place on the Plaza of the Calgary Arts Complex. Amidst clowns and bands and face painters, Kate Carpenter and her friends are working the Festival and enjoying the sunshine. And though the scene seems placid, a serial killer is stalking the area, leaving the streets deserted at night and a wake of fear rippling across the city.

After a huge fight with her boyfriend and being plagued by the festival’s volunteer staff she is supervising, Kate is terrified that one of them may actually be the serial killer. A missing child, a kidnapped woman and a dead body all convince Kate that this is the most dangerous situation she has ever been involved in. Surrounded by unfamiliar people and not knowing who to trust, is Kate putting her life on the line by missing a clue that points to the most dangerous person at the Festival?

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