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Bitter Recoil

Posadas County Undersheriff Bill Gastner has weathered a quadruple bypass and is taking a rare vacation in New Mexico’s northern mountains. On the lam from meddlesome medical providers who wish he’d reform, Bill is staging a reunion with his former detective, Estelle Reyes, now working in San Estevan County. Arriving a day early at the Steamboat Rock Campground, his camping plans are interrupted by the sound of sirens. Suddenly, Gastner, Reyes, and her husband reunite over the body of a young pregnant woman.

At first the detectives assume she was a hit-and-run victim, but the medical exam reveals that she was thrown from a moving vehicle following an attempted rape. Like any good cop, Gastner’s curiosity is piqued—but he’s on vacation. Then four more deaths follow and Gastner, still a force to be reckoned with, steps in to stop the rash of murders.

Important places

San Estevan (1)


Orange Walk (1)


Belize (74)

Other geographical areas

Peninsula De Yucatán (135)
Central America (806)
Small Island States (3,004)