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Devil in a Silver Room

Margo Jones had dearly loved Michel Cassilis, although in the end he had married someone else - someone who met the de requirements of his aristocratic family more suitably than Margo did. She had never forgotten him, and now, five years later, learning that he had died, Margo found herself going to the French chateau of Satancourt, on the coast of Brittany, to look after his small son. And there, at Satancourt, she met Paul Cassilis, Michel's inscrutable brother, to whom women were just playthings; but in 'Miss Jones' Paul was to find one woman who was determined not to be. Jt was no easy task, forcing herself to withstand the devilish attraction of this masterful man, Would it be any easier after she had begun to suspect that Paul had been involved in his brother's death?


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