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Big Rain Coming

HardCover. Pub Date: September. 2000 Pages: 32 Publisher: Clarion Books As one dry day follows ANOTHER in the Australian outback. Everyone and everything is waiting for the rain. Which seems AS though IT will never come Rosie's kids. The Panting dogs. the fat green frogs. and Old Stephen all do what they can to keep cool as they watch for storm clouds on the horizon. Stunningly beautiful full-color artwork and spare text evoke the long wait during the dry season. and the jubilant relief when the long-promised rain finally arrives. Any child can identify with the theme of how hard it is to wait for something you want. and the outsize. illiantly colored. stylized illustrations-which feature imagery from Aboriginal mythology-make this an especially striking picture book that will captivate and delight young readers. Though everyone eagerly awaits the rain. it is slow in coming.


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