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Coyote Sky

Kate Winters, author of the popular mystery series The Masters, finds herself in a bit of a predicament – she doesn’t seem to be able to write any longer. So when her old friend and wealthy widow Brenda invites Kate to spend the summer in Coyote, New Mexico, Kate decides that a summer in Coyote might be just what she needs to clear her writer's block.

Leaving behind the Dallas heat – and her girlfriend Robin – Kate retreats to the high mountain desert and soon finds herself surrounded by Brenda's eccentric friends and artists. But it's the local sheriff, Lee Foxx, who soon grabs her attention. It doesn’t take long for Kate to discover that Lee has a penchant for dating the young tourists that flock to the river canyon each summer – and that Lee has no intention of ever settling down.

Then an unexpected visit by Kate's girlfriend sends everyone scrambling. Torn between safety and desire, Kate has no idea which way to turn. And as for Lee -- she can't quite believe that she's actually fallen in love... for the very first time in her life.

Important places

Coyote (1)
Dallas (314)


Rio Arriba (29)
Dallas (338)


New Mexico (810)
Texas (2,882)


United States (64,950)

Other geographical areas

Rocky Mountains (370)
Southwestern United States (1,729)
Great Plains (2,255)