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SS Steel Rain: Waffen-SS Panzer Battles in the West 1944-1945

The Waffen-SS panzer divisions were an integral part of Hitler's last great attack in the West in December 1944 and SS: Steel Rain covers their role in the attack in full. This hardcover reference book also analyzes the reasons why the Waffen-SS panzer divisions were so successful in their battles. These included the coordination between tanks and mechanized infantry, the initiative shown by junior commanders and NCO's, and the creation of ad hoc battle groups to spearhead assaults. Above all, this book illustrates what can be achieved on the battlefield when highly motivated elite troops are equipped with excellent hardware and led by able and quick-thinking commanders. 

This book covers all the Waffen-SS's panzer battles in the West, including Normandy, Arnhem and the Ardennes. It includes 15 full-color maps that allow the reader to more fully understand and follow the actions of the Waffen-SS armored formations. It is also illustrated by 150 black and white photographs of Waffen-SS panzer diviions in the West between 1944-1945.

Important places

Caen (19)
Arnhem (85)
Ardennes (29)


Ardennes (43)
Gelderland (114)
Calvados (459)


Netherlands (1,293)
France (7,260)